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How To Check Car Engine Oil Percentage Level?

how to check car engine oil percentage level?

Why Is Motor Oil Change Important?

Engine oil is a critical component of a car. Whether it’s working to keep the lubricating sections of the engine or keeping it cooled, the engine oil is the lifeline for your car. The oil aids the engine in a number of ways. It helps protect the engine by keeping it clean from sludge, which defends the engine’s operation. Oil reduces wear and friction, which can also improve the performance of the fuel. Lastly, it lowers the heat inside the engine and redistributes it to other components of the engine.

How to Check Motor Oil Level?

How to Check Oil Level?

Consistently checking the oil level can help keep the driver ensure oil health and maintain proper oil levels. To start testing, it is better to test the oil when the engine is cooled to avoid touching the hot engine parts. Many dipsticks have guidelines to display if the oil level is too low and should be topped off. Also when using the dipstick, you can check the oil color. If the oil is light in color and smooth, it’s okay. However, if the oil appears sludgy and dark, then it’s best to replace it.

Detecting an Engine Oil Leak

Motor Oil Leak Detection

If your dipstick constantly displays low oil levels then you may have a leak. There are multiple ways to test for oil leakage, which is essential because a leak could cause harm to your car’s engine. If there are dark puddles under your car, it could be a result of its oil pan leaking oil. A scent of burning oil or smoke from the engine may also be an essential indicator of an oil leak. Also, the engine overheating could possibly be a product of an oil leak.

How Often to Change Motor Oil?

How Long Does an Engine Oil Change Last?

Learning when to change your vehicle’s oil is also crucial to negate damage to the engine in your car. While some may suggest a short oil change interval from 3,000 to 5,000 miles, it is recommended to have your oil replaced every six months or 5,000-7,000 miles, whichever one comes first. However, if you are uncertain about when you should have an oil change you should reach out to our service department for more accurate information about your vehicle.

Acura online car buying Oklahoma City  OK

Where to Get an Acura Oil Change In Oklahoma City OK?

Bob Howard Acura invites you to schedule your next oil change at our Oklahoma City area service center. Our factory trained Acura technicians are certified to service all manufacturers’ vehicles. Schedule your next visit online or in-person.

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DealerRater Nov 28, 2023

Quick service, very friendly, offered a free car wash with the service. I didn’t wait very long.

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DealerRater Nov 17, 2023

People were very friendly and efficient. Pleasant experience and quick service during my buying process.

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DealerRater Nov 17, 2023

My wife and I had a great experience at this dealership. The salesman, the sales manager, and the finance manager were all great to work with. I felt that they listened to us and gave us a very fair deal. I would highly recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a quality car at a good price.

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Facebook Jan 4, 2022

Great follow and product information from my sales person Joni Wilson,

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Facebook Dec 28, 2021

They did a good job getting me into the right vehicle for me.

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