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Why Is My Acura Tire Pressure Light On?

why is my acura tire pressure light on?

Nowadays, cars are stocked with tech and monitors to keep them performing their best. At the wheel, you can see the technology that will alert drivers of upcoming maintenance and any problems with your car. One of the indicator lights is the tire pressure light, and whenever it pops up, it alerts you that there is an error somewhere in the system. Usually, the most common reason for the TPMS light is a tire that may be under-inflated and needs to be looked at immediately. The tire pressure light may even prevent premature tread-wear and eventual tire failure. The TPMS light may even turn due to the weather because temp changes influence the tire pressure and could cause it to fluctuate.

What Does The TPMS Light Track?

What Is TPMS?

TPMS (or the Tire Pressure Monitoring System) tracks the pressure in your tires. It alerts you whenever the air pressure dips too low and when it needs to be examined for issues. If you choose to stop and check your tire pressure yourself or get the tires serviced by us is entirely your choice. If you notice the TPMS symbol come on, know your tires need some kind of maintenance.

Why does my tire pressure change when it gets warmer?

Why Do The Seasons Affect My Tire Pressure?

Your vehicle’s Tire Pressure may be affected by many factors such as the weather, road conditions, and driving habits. But one of those factors could cause the tire pressure to drastically go up and down, and that’s the weather conditions. A drop in temperature may bring a drop in the tire pressure and it could continue to affect the air pressure until the temp rises. This is almost always temporary because driving your car will warm your tires, causing the tire pressure to increase. As the outside temperature gets warmer as the day goes on, the pressure will also increase.

Will My Tire Pressure Sensor Fail?

Does TPMS Fail?

It could be as simple as a dying battery. If that happens, it needs to be fixed when you notice it. If the sensor fails, you’ll have to watch your Tire Pressure, and it could take some focus away from the driver. The sensor has such a crucial position in the safety of your car, and if it’s not working correctly, it can contribute to tire failure if you are not aware of the tire pressure.

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Bob Howard Acura is one of the most trusted places for tire service in the Oklahoma City area. We happily service all vehicle makes and models. One of our factory-trained technicians will inspect your tires, make any necessary repairs, or choose the best ones for your vehicle if they need replacing. Schedule your Acura tire service in person or online today.

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